Our Process

Our methodology

In the analysis process, R & D Translations Sales and Production divisions collaborate closely. It is of vital importance for us to get to know and detect all the needs of our clients. We pay attention to detail and detect the objectives that are sought with the project. For this, we seek the answers to the following questions:

What is to be achieved?
How is the work being carried out now?
How will the work be carried out after the project?
What needs to be done to reach the planned goals?
How will the changes affect the company? 
What kind of profitability will the company attain with the project?

In this analysis process, the following three points are always considered:

  • Quality
  • Profitability
  • Deadlines

Our Process

Analysis of client needs.
Project analysis.
Preparation and acceptance of the quotation.
Planning and definition of milestones.
Kick-off of the Localization process:
Extraction of text strings.
File conversion to a localizable format.
Translation of text strings by a translator specialized in the client’s business.
Technical revision.
Philological revision (orthotypographical and style).
Generation of a translation memory.
Filtering of bilingual documents.
Functional testing.
Linguistic testing.
Monitoring and verification by the R&D Translations Project Manager.
Delivery to the client.
Storage of all the materials in databases to be used later on in future modifications without affecting the price of the text strings that were translated in previous versions of the same project.

We offer excellent English<->Spanish translation quality with a polished and careful style, using the latest translation tools in the market to improve corporate communication.